So, this week I am going to concentrate on music and focus on one artist per post. Starting with my biggest influence and favorite musician, Jason Mraz.

Jason Mraz began his career in the San Diego coffee shop music scene in the late nineties and early 00’s. He joined forces with Toca Rivera, a percussionist and his perfect match for vocal harmonies, and Ian Sheridan, a bad ass bassist, and began to make a name for himself. Jason’s greatest talent is his amazing ability to put on a live show that makes every audience member feel like they’re being personally serenaded. I know this first hand because I’ve been to 6 of his live shows, and every one was different and amazing. If you want to see Jason at his best, look up the Uncle Crispy videos of his shows at Java Joe’s. He plays completely acoustic, with no mics, speakers, or anything of the like, and it is completely amazing to watch and I can only imagine how amazing it must have been to be there.

Jason’s studio albums are always amazing, but it’s his live albums I love the most. “Live at Java Joe’s” is what made me fall in love with him, and ultimately what inspired me to pick up a guitar and teach myself to play. His unique style, incredible range, and his lyrical genius are what sets him apart from the auto-tuned pop artists the radio is inundated with today.


Jason and I after his concert for the release of Mr. A-Z. 2005.

If you’re new to Jason’s music, here is a list of the best songs to get you started:

1. Unfold – Live at Java Joe’s, actually just listen to the whole album. There’s not a bad song on there.

2. Childlike, Wildlife – and the whole Selection for Friends album.

3.Not So Usual – Tonight, Not Again: Live at The Eagles Ballroom

4. I’m Yours – demo version

5. If It Kills Me – From The Casanova Sessions

6. Butterfly – From The Casanova Sessions

7. A Beautiful Mess – From The Raining Jane Sessions

8. The Woman I Love – Live is A Four Letter Word

9. You Fucking Did It – Live is A Four Letter Word

10. 93 Million Miles & I Won’t Give Up (demo version) – Love is A Four Letter Word

So, that should get you started, and if you can find it, I highly encourage you to listen to the longer live version of Curbside Prophet. It was incredibly hard to select only a few of his songs to recommend, but I hope it leads you to listen to all the other amazing songs he’s released and you can love them as well.

Happy Listening!


And if you’re at all curious about my music, you can find my music video for “I Just Want To Fall In Love” on Youtube, and my album here: