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I have been a fan of Emily Giffin’s for a few years now, after I picked up 2 of her books in a bargain pile while standing in line at my local Barnes & Noble. I read them back to back, and then promptly bought and read everything she had released. She has a very unique way of storytelling, one of my favorite things being that she seamlessly incorporates characters from her other books into the one you’re currently reading. She often leaves her endings open, so that you can decide for yourself what happens to the people you’ve become so invested in. It’s just enough to satisfy the need for closure, but not directly dictating the future of her characters. Emily Giffin’s book “Something Borrowed” was adapted to film a few years ago, starring Kate Hudson, Ginnifer Goodwin, John Krasinki, and Colin Egglesfield, and she’s currently trying to adapt the sequel, “Something Blue” into a movie as well.

“Something Blue” by Emily Giffin

Darcy Rhodes thought she had it all: Naturally gorgeous looks, the perfect fiancé, the always there for her, good-girl life long best friend, and enough desirability to make every man want her and every woman want to be her, until it all fell apart. Upon discovering that her best friend Rachel and her fiancé Dex had been having an affair behind her back, she is forced to take a hard look at her life and wonder how in the hell her perfect fiancé chose her mousey, less attractive best friend over her. Everything in her life had always gone in her favor, and she believed as long as she was beautiful, nothing bad could ever happen to her. Focusing only on the actions of her two must trusted companions and not the fact that she herself had also been having an affair with Marcus, the childhood friend of her now ex-fiance Dex, she refuses to believe that she had done anything wrong. After all, they were the ones that betrayed her. She only discovers their affair after barging into Rachel’s apartment unannounced to tell her that it was Darcy herself that called off her wedding and not only that, but that she had been sleeping with Marcus, and she was now pregnant with his child. As she goes to leave, she discovers the watch that she had given Dex as a gift sitting on Rachel’s nightstand. Darcy asks Rachel why Dex’s watch was there, and Rachel lies, suggesting he must have left it there days earlier, but Darcy tells her that she had just been with Dex and he had been wearing that very same watch. Darcy searches the apartment, calling out to Dex so she can confront him, only to find him hiding in a closet wearing only his boxers. After an argument, Dex tells Darcy she has no right to be angry with him due to the information he had just overheard, going as far as to call her a hypocrite since not only did she also have an affair – she was pregnant with another man’s baby.
After vowing to never speak to the two of them, Darcy storms off and is hell bent on starting a new life with the father of her child, leaving behind all traces of he former life with Dex and Rachel. After realizing that Marcus was not ready to grow up and have their child, she flees to be with the only friend she has left, Ethan, the boy who she and Rachel had grown up with and despite having a closer relationship with Rachel, she knows she can count on Ethan to be there for her. However, London is all she thought it would be, and after one disaster after another, she realizes she must leave behind her shallow and arrogant past self. The only silver lining is Ethan, who isn’t hesitant to put Darcy in her place, and is willing to help Darcy get back on her feet.
Darcy soon comes to grips with the fact that her looks aren’t going to help her coast through life any longer, and she must truly change to find true happiness.
In summation, I really enjoyed this book, just as I have Emily Giffin’s other books. She can make even the most flawed characters lovable, and her brand of honest storytelling has you hooked from the first page. If you enjoyed “Something Borrowed,” or her other books, you will absolutely love “Something Blue.”

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