So, the loss of legends and musical icons David Bowie and Prince has music lovers across the world feeling shaken and grief stricken. Some people criticize fans who mourn the loss of a celebrity because we didn’t know them personally, so it seems inconsequential to our lives. However, it’s not. I don’t know about the experience most people have with music, but to me, my connection to music feels somewhat spiritual (not to be all cliche about it, but oh well). A song can take you back to a moment or time, it can make you recall the same emotions you felt when you first heard it, or maybe you heard a particular song during a huge moment in your life. My mom always gets sentimental when listening to “Under The Boardwalk” by The Drifters because it was playing in the delivery room as she gave birth to me. I’ll always feel butterflies when I hear the song “Use Somebody” by Kings Of Leon because I remember hearing it for the first time from the passenger seat of my boyfriend’s car, and looking over at him while he sang along and realizing in that moment that I loved him. Musicians create something wonderful, and there’s nothing else in world that can take you on an emotional journey in roughly 3 minutes like a good song.

Musicians like David Bowie and Prince are legendary because they dared to be different, and they were incredibly unique. They commanded respect because what they did was so utterly authentic and magical. They brought so much to the world, so we as music lovers have indeed lost people who were important to us. It’s sad to know that there will never be another David Bowie or Prince, but we are lucky that there music lives on through their fans.

I suggest we gather up all the true musical icons we have left and give them mandatory physicals and maybe even a bubble to live in so that we can keep them around as long as we can. Agreed?