There is nothing I didn’t love about Luckiest Girl Alive. Jessica Knoll really hit one out of the park with this one.
TifFani FaNelli – or Ani- as she now goes by, is all about being the best. The best body, hair, makeup, clothes, accessories, fiancé, job, and overall life. She is convinced that living well is the best revenge, and she’ll do anything she can to keep it up. She has the job at The Women’s Magazine, where she writes articles about sex. Her fiance, Luke Harrison, is from a blue blood old money family, and she is just months away from placing a wedding band on the same finger she wears her elegant heirloom engagement ring. Despite her working class background, her years at Bradley and what she endured there, taught her how to be the best and how to spot the imposters. Ani’s determination and drive have served her well, and she’d kill to maintain her dream life.

This book is so deliciously demented and full of twists and turns, I gobbled it up in two days. The protagonist’s outrageous way of viewing the world is interesting and makes for a very fun read. I see a lot of comparisons being made between’s Knoll’s novel and Gillian Flynn’s “Gone Girl,” but honestly I found Luckiest Girl Alive to be a whole lot more fun. Despite her being terribly flawed, you still find yourself rooting for Ani. It’s like a more in depth, funnier, and juicier episode of “Snapped.”

If you haven’t already, I highly recommend you read Luckiest Girl Alive. I’ve heard buzz about this novel being adapted into a movie, and I’d love to see that if it’s done well!

Happy Reading!