Mia Hall has had a great life growing up in Oregon. She’s sensible, intelligent, dedicated, and an incredibly talented cello player. She has amazing, unbelievably cool ex-rocker parents, Kate and Denny, a little brother Teddy that she absolutely adores, and a hodge podge of friends of her parents’ that have become family left over from their rock and roll glory days.

Aside from her family, Mia is deeply in love with her caring, supportive, boyfriend  Adam. Hes’s a budding rock star and guitar player for his band Shooting Star, and although Mia supports him, she often feels left out of his scene. Mia’s best friend Kim is the opposite of Mia, she’s fearless, outgoing, but also deeply loyal. Despite their differences, Mia and Kim are incredibly close and more like sisters.

Even though she grew up in a house full of rockers, Mia developed a love of classical music and playing the cello. When her parents discovered that Mia was extremely talented, they did everything the could do to foster her talent and encourage her dedication. Now that Mia is about to graduate, she has worked tirelessly to make her dreams of attending Julliard a reality. Now that the hardest part, the audition, is over; she’s left waiting for the letter from Julliard to arrive that will determine her future.

In an effort to keep Mia’s mind off of the letter, her family Denny, Kate and Teddy, decide to go for a drive together to ease her nerves.

While out for their drive, the Hall family is in a horrific car accident that leaves Mia and her family fighting for life. When Mia seems to come to, she realizes that she is no longer in her body and she is watching the the scene unfold before her as she watches the EMTs and police work furiously to keep her family alive.

The next thing she knows, she is at the hospital and she sees the rest of her family, friends, and her boyfriend Adam as they struggle to come to terms with the idea that they may lose Mia along with her parents and brother.

During her time being in-between life and death, she has to decide whether she should stop fighting , or to stay and possibly face a life without her family.

This story is beautifully written, and you find yourself going through the struggle Mia faces right along with her. Foreman flawlessly handles the heavy handed themes of life, love, death, strength, loss, and many more. You find yourself grieving along with Mia over the loss of the life she lead prior to the accident.

Foreman flawlessly incorporates flashbacks to important moments in Mia’s life, such as the day her parents brought her baby brother home from the hospital, falling in love with Adam, the day her father brought home her first cello, and many other beautiful moments that both encourage Mia to want to live and want to stop fighting.

You are taken along on the emotional rollercoaster Mia experiences as she has to make the decision to let go, or to stay.

As some of you may know, this novel was adapted into a movie starring Chloe Grace Moretz, and in my opinion they did a decent job of capturing the characters and what is going through Mia’s mind as she lies in a coma. I highly recommend reading the book prior to seeing the movie!

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