It’s that time again! Favorite Titles Friday! This week’s titles are by the lovely Kieran Scott, also known by her pseudonym Kate Brian. When I was just beginning this blog, Kieran was sweet enough to let me interview her, and was so lovely about sending copies of her new books. With a Private movie rumored to be in the works, I thought The Private Series would make for a nice addition to Favorite Titles Friday! I read every book, even the companions, and was also rushing to the bookstore when a new book was released. Everything about these books were unique and interesting, and always kept you guessing.

Reed Brennan is kind of the Meredith Grey of the Private series, she has survived so many brushes with death that one could argue that she’s cursed.

When Reed Brennan receives a scholarship to the prestigious Easton Academy, she is thrilled to be escaping her small town life and dysfunctional family. If she does well at Easton, she will have her pick of Ivy League colleges to attend, but fitting into a school where most kids have seven figure trust funds and parents who give them unfettered access to their credit cards when you’re a scholarship kid with no wealth to speak of proves to be difficult. However, Reed’s determination never wavers. When she is introduced to the girls of the Billings House, the most exclusive dorm on campus, she is enamored with the idea of the respect and privilege being a Billings girl offers. She soon catches the attention of one of the school’s hottest bad boys, Thomas Pearson, and she catches the attention of the Billings girls as well. After a series of tests to prove herself, Reed is initiated into the house and enjoys the perks being a Billings girl comes with.

As she starts to feel accepted by the Billings girls, Thomas goes missing. Reed is devastated and as time passes, becomes terrified something terrible has happened to him. As the investigation into his disappearance yields little to no results, Reed becomes increasingly worried and scared.

Throughout the series, being a Billings girl becomes more and more complicated. Girls who she thinks of as friends betray her in the worst way possible, and Reed often finds herself in danger. The whole series is about Reed’s journey as she deals with fitting in at Easton, making friends, making enemies, and being introduced into the world of the filthy rich. She deals with things most high school students should never have to, but despite all of the bad things that happen to her while she is at Easton, she begins to form real friendships and think of it as home, as well as her only escape from the life she left behind in her small hometown.

You’re truly taken on a crazy roller coaster of emotions right along with Reed as you read the series and author Kieran Scott aka Kate Brian wrote them all so well, you feel like you truly know Reed and can imagine yourself walking through the historic halls of Easton Academy. It’s hard not to get addicted to a series like this, and it would definitely appeal to fans of Pretty Little Liars.

It’s been a while since the series ended, but I still find myself wondering what Reed’s life after Easton is like. There is also a spin-off series called Privilege that follows the life of Ariana Osgood, the crazy, murderous, but entertaining girl whose insane exploits are fun to read. I absolutely recommend both of the series!

If you’d like to know more about the author, read my interview with her here.

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