Since it’s the day before Thanksgiving I decided to forgo my usual What’s Playing Wednesdays post and give thanks for the things in my life that I have to be grateful for.

No matter what, we all have something to be thankful for. Somewhere, someone out there has it worse than you. I have to remind myself of that fact a lot because I suffer from chronic illness that takes away some of the joy in my life when I’m unable to do the things I want to do because my body won’t allow it. That’s why books have become my refuge, because when I’m stuck in bed because I feel awful, I can escape through the pages of the books I read and I am no longer a person stuck in bed, I am someone on a journey alongside the characters I come to know better with every word I read.
The above is my favorite quote about books, some people swap out books for travel in this quote, but I honestly believe that you don’t need to travel when you have your choice of books. With a book, you can travel the world without ever leaving your home.

So to begin my list of things I am thankful for, I am first and foremost thankful for the fact that Jesus Christ gave His life so that I can be forgiven for my sins. If you’re not religious and that somehow offends you, please feel free to leave my page and find another book blog to follow because without my relationship with God, I am nothing, and I have nothing. The second thing I am so thankful for is my family: my parents who put up with me no matter how big of a pain in the ass I can be, support me in every aspect of my life, are  do so much for my little family and I and are the most loving grandparents to my baby girl. I’m thankful for my grandparents who live in Indiana that I don’t get to see often enough and wish lived closer: my maternal grandparents Grandma and Grandpa, who have been there for me through some of the toughest times of my life, and had they not taken me in during that time, I wouldn’t have met the love of my life, and I wouldn’t have my daughter. They constantly go out of their way to be a part of my daughter’s life despite the distance and she loves so incredibly much, especially her Papa, because in her opinion he’s the silliest and most fun. (Author’s Note: My Grandma is totally ok with the favoritism my daughter shows toward my Grandpa. In fact, she thinks it the sweetest thing and is thrilled that my little one loves her Papa so much.) My paternal Grandmother, who adores her grandchildren and great grandchildren, and basically raised my dad alone.
I’m thankful for my siblings, all four of them, who have made my life more interesting, fun, and make me feel very loved. Especially my little sister Avarey, who is 16 years old, Autistic, non-verbal, and deaf. She teaches me things about life I wouldn’t have learned in any other way. She and my six year old daughter are so extremely close, and their bond is another thing I’m thankful for. My daughter loves her Nay-Nay (no where close to her real name but she started calling her that when she was 2 and it just stuck). If her Nay-Nay is having a meltdown or a problem getting someone to understand what she needs, it’s my little girl that is the first one to figure out what’s going on, as if they have their own language that allows my daughter to understand her so well. My sister has aides that come to the house and help my mom with my sister ever since my mother’s near-death caused by 3 heart attacks, a quadruple bypass surgery, and a stroke that all happened in a matter of days but miraculously, she has no lasting effects from the stroke. In the almost 5 years since my sister starting requiring aides, we have had a parade of them in and out because we have trouble getting them to stay ( not because of anything my family does, it usually has to do with drama in their lives, or an inability to get to work on time or show up at all, which is hard on my sister because she becomes attached to her aides.) Since we are neighbors with my parents, my daughter spends a lot of time at their house. It’s pretty hilarious and adorable, because with each new aide, my little girl follows my mom around while she explains my sister’s routines, often adding her own commentary, and has no problem telling the aides with a large amount of sass that they aren’t doing something correctly. I know most of that could have been easily summarized, but because it’s such an adorable and unique bond they share, I wanted to really give you guys an idea of how special it is.
I’m also thankful for my partner in love and life, who always makes me feel safe and loved and goes out of his way to help me when I’m feeling  my worst, puts up with my mood swings that occur when I am having a flare, and tries his hardest to be the understanding man I need him to be, and is the wonderful father my daughter deserves. I am most thankful for my daughter, who is the reason I wake up every day and gives me the love and joy I need to get through the day, is understanding of the fact that mommy can’t always do the things she wants me to be able to do, and has the sweetest little heart of any child I’ve ever known.
I’m thankful for my best friend, who is always there for me, despite the distance. My best friends locally, who have been there for me during a dark period in my life and refuse to let me hide from life when I want to, even if they have to drag me out of my house.
I’m also thankful for this blog, that has been such a wonderful addition to my life, has connected me to people I never thought I’d know, given me a platform to discuss the things I love, and I am SO thankful for the people who read it and continue to make it more successful with every page view. Thank you readers, for being a part of this blog and making it what it has become.

So today and tomorrow, take some time to reflect on what you have to be thankful for and embrace those who make your life better by being in it.

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoy your time with your loved ones, and eat a ton of good food. And then, when you’re too stuffed to move, pick up a book. 🙂

Happy reading and Happy Thanksgiving,