Today’s post is actually inspired by the fact that, Hamilton, my favorite musical I’ve never seen but have only heard’s creator, Lin Manuel-Miranda, is going to produce THE KINGKILLER CHRONICLES and provide the soundtrack which is SO INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT TO THE STORY! You’ll learn more about The Kingkiller Chronicles in this week’s installment of Favorite Titles Friday, but for now let me just say that it is news that actually made me pick the phone and CALL someone. (something I hate to do, I hate texting even. Just come see me face to face. I hate how technology has robbed us of everyday intimacies between humans. -Sorry for that. I’m so excited that my brain is like a pin-ball machine right now- thoughts bouncing around everywhere all willy nilly.) That someone being my brother, who thanks to me, owns a personally dedicated autographed copy of the first book in the series, The Name Of The Wind (because I’m an awesome sister who gives awesome birthday presents AND it was kind of a thank you for introducing me to the amazing books by Patrick Rothfuss) to tell him  about the news when it broke. I literally saw the new minutes after Variety posted it, and although I was home alone at the time, I screamed “OH MY GOD, ARE THEY SERIOUS? THIS IS SO AMAZING! NO ONE ELSE COULD DO THIS BETTER!” and then when my fiance walked in from work (I didn’t call him because I knew he was driving home and would arrive in minutes) – and I must mention, he ALSO has a personally dedicated autographed copy of The Name of The Wind because, well, I’m awesome, and he is so crazy about it, he keeps it locked in a safe. You’d think that these boys would realize how amazing of a gift it is to bestow on someone and get me one of my own, right? Nope. I refuse to buy my own, and will only get myself an autographed copy if I actually get the incredible opportunity to go to a signing and get the bearded, beloved, author himself to sign it for me in front of my very eyes.

Today’s post is dedicated to Lin Manuel-Miranda and what he is doing with his musical Hamilton, the amazing music he contributed to the new Disney movie Moana, the Hamilton Mixtape, which I’ve already pre-ordered (IT DROPS ON THE 2ND!), his involvement in the Kingkiller Chronicles, and basically Broadway in general.
I’ve only seen three live plays before in my life, the rest I’ve only seen through Tony performances or when they’ve been made into movies. Those three plays were: Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, which I was too young to really absorb but loved it, I saw the high-school production of The Wizard of Oz put on by my sister & her castmates which blew my little 6th grade heart away (the school is somewhat known for their theater program, it was an amazing show) and the other was a play, not a musical, called Proof. It was a high school production also, but it was put on by my school who is constantly winning things for their amazing theater program, and I was so moved and impressed by the cast and how well they did in the show. Most of the kids who were in it went on to study theater and all work in some aspect of it, which is great because they’re insanely talented. I saw the movie they made of the play starring Gwyneth Paltrow and Jake Gyllenhaal with my brother who had also seen the play with me, and we both agreed that the kids who put on the show did a far superior job than Oscar-nominated actors.

Anyway, now let’s talk about my favorite songs from musicals! It’ll be more like, here’s my favorite musicals, here are my favorite songs from them.

Hamilton – The whole soundtrack is awesome and has opened up a whole new era in Broadway, but not having seen the show, my favorite songs are My Shot and Alexander Hamilton just because they are kind of the theme songs of the show.

Rent– Again, another brilliant soundtrack that shook up Broadway. La Vie Boheme, obviously, Would You Light My Candle?, and of course, Seasons of Love.

The Last Five Years– I only saw this because Anna Kendrick was in it, but my favorite song I don’t even know the name to and am not going to bother to look up because the whole show is great, but the argument they have when Jamie comes to see her at the camp is my favorite.

The Wizard of Oz– Over The Rainbow. One of the most beautiful songs ever, and has always been one of the best songs from a musical.

Les Miserables – I Dreamed A Dream. Anne Hathaway’s film version of this was beautiful. Admittedly though, I’ve never seen it.

Wicked – Defying Gravity. Idina Menzel is such an amazing actress and singer, and I love this song so much. I haven’t seen Wicked in any form, but it’s a show I’d seriously love to see.

The Book of Mormon – I Believe. I saw Andrew Rannells perform this song on the Tony’s and loved it. It was so well performed and was hilarious, and I want to see the musical so badly!

Hairspray – Welcome To The Sixties, and pretty much the whole thing. Such a great musical and message.

I’m sure I could think of more, but since my knowledge of musicals is very limited, please excuse my lack of range in musical experiences.

Hope you guys enjoyed my Broadway themed What’s Playing Wednesdays!

Happy reading and listening,

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