Since next week I am taking a break to finish up some reviews, I thought I’d share my favorite Christmas songs with you all!

Pentatonix is one of my favorite musical groups and their Christmas songs are SO good.
This year they put out an acapella version of one of my favorite songs ever, Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen and it is hauntingly beautiful. They also have a version of Mary, Did You Know? that will give you chills, as well as a version of Little Drummer Boy that is simply stunning.
My other favorites are:

O, Holy Night – N*SYNC did a version of this on their Christmas album that has been my favorite ever since, and I can’t forget their original Christmas song: Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays. I still listen to their Christmas album to this day. It never fails to take me back to my childhood when my cousins would come over and I would force them into learning dances I choreographed to the songs on the album and they’d get bored and say, “Can we go play Barbies now?” and I’d say no then they’d tell my parents and I’d get in trouble for imprisoning them in my room and forcing them to learn dances that were awful. Cousins, I’m sorry I’m not sorry.

Carol Of The Bells is one of my favorite pieces of Christmas music as well, the strength of the music and the swells and and grand scheme of its score is just amazing.

This will surprise my friends and family members, but Taylor Swift has an original Christmas song I love called Christmases When You Were Mine that I loved immediately upon hearing it a few years ago.

I don’t even know which version of this song I like the most but Last Christmas has been covered so many times by so many people, I’ll just say, I love the song.

The newest of my favorite Christmas songs is by one of my absolute favorite artists, Kacey Musgraves called Present Without A Bow featuring Leon Bridges. I just love everything she does.

I’ve also always loved Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer. Who doesn’t? It’s such a fun song.
And I love love love Feliz Navidad. I was so happy when I took Spanish in school and actually learned the words and meanings. Now I just chuckle when I hear people trying to sing along to it while butchering the words. I was them once, too!

I’m sure I could go on naming Christmas songs I love for days, but I’ll stop here.

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Happy reading and Merry Christmas!