Hello again and sorry for the long hiatus! Being pregnant and very ill throws a wrench in all creative endeavors. However, being on bed rest provides ample time for reading! I’ve read all the books I had waiting for review, which leaves me without new ones to read, but I plan on trying to fix that ASAP!

I adore the way Sophie Kinsella writes. Her characters are lovable, flawed, but so damn relatable that you read their accounts of their lives and think to yourself, “We are practically the same person.” I personally stumbled on her books after watching the big screen adaptation of her Confessions Of A Shopaholic series starring Isla Fisher and found myself immediately drawn in by her hilarious characters and brilliant writing style. Her books really lend themselves to being adapted into films because she writes with such a vivid visual style that builds her character’s worlds so well.

Much like her previous novels, this book concentrates on a young female entrepreneur who has humble beginnings but lofty dreams and aspirations.
Katie Brenner is a country girl who grew up on her family’s farm, raised by a single father who tried his best after her mother’s untimely passing. Although she loves her father, she has dreams of being a glamorous, city living, business woman. After university, she moved from her small rural home town of Somerset and accepted a position in London at a marketing firm. The job is at the bottom of the corporate ladder, but at least she gets to work under and learn from her insanely successful and glamorous boss, Demeter. Demeter is the epitome of everything Katie, or Cat, dreams of being. She’s the head of a successful marketing firm, well respected and admired for the brilliant marketing campaigns she has spear-headed, married to an equally successful and glamorous husband with whom she shares two children and a gorgeous home that has been featured in magazines, always on top of the latest fashions, and basically the perfectly instagram-able, picturesque life. Katie tries desperately to impress Demeter with her ability to learn quickly and handle whatever is thrown at her, but Demeter is dismissive and too wrapped up in her own world to ever truly recognize Katie’s potential. Demeter’s harsh and arrogant attitude is a constant source of interoffice conflict and gossip, causing tension among the employees and leading them all to talk about her behind her back. Katie’s relationship with Demeter is complicated because as much as she loathes the way she and her colleagues are treated by her, she can’t help but begrudgingly admire her.

Despite the terrible pay she earns, her awful roommates she shares a flat with, and unglamorous lifestyle, she still tells her father how amazing her life is because he has never understood why she felt the need to leave home and pursue her dreams. Katie’s dad is a simple man who has spent her entire life trying to find the next big thing he can invest in that will bring him the great success that he strives for, despite his many failures. Katie’s desire to escape the world she grew up has strained her relationship with her father, and being honest with him about the current state of her life in London would just reinforce his belief that what he thinks is right and lead him to say “I told you so.” So, when Katie’s life begins to unravel when she’s fired by Demeter, she heads home to assist her father and his long-time girlfriend in their new business endeavor of turning their farm into a prime “glamping” destination under the ruse of being on a sabbatical from her job.
While desperately trying to find another job in London, she helps her father run his new business as it takes off, becoming a highly sought after destination for the city dwelling elite to escape their lives. Katie’s cover is at risk of being completely blown by the surprise arrival of Demeter and her family. As much as Katie would love to keep her secret from her family, she is also tempted to get Demeter back for the ruthless way she fired her.
Just as things seem to be the worst, Katie learns that although her life may not be as perfect as she wants it to be, she can still make it pretty great.

My (Not So) Perfect Life is a fun, engaging read, that never fails to keep you interested and cheering for the perfectly flawed heroine that every woman can identify with. Sophie Kinsella is a truly gifted writer that takes you on a fun journey with her characters that leaves you feeling as though you’ve lost a friend when you finish reading.

I highly recommend that everyone read her new book! No matter which genre you prefer, this book is a truly enjoyable escape from our (not so) perfect lives! (Too cheesy? Sorry!)

Stay tuned for more reviews, coming soon!

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