Sorry for the ridiculous long hiatus! A difficult pregnancy had me unable to sit upright a lot of the time and kept me from being on the computer much at all, so even though I kept reading, I was unable to write any reviews! Now that pregnancy is over, and that baby is a whole year old (and thankfully becoming more independent), this mama needs to get back to doing what she loves: TALKING ABOUT BOOKS!

I have read a ridiculous amount of amazing books in the time I spent away and I want to share them all with you! However, because I got so sick so suddenly, I have a few items of unfinished business I need to get to first! Such as, the awesome interview I did with the amazing author Helen Callaghan about her book “Dear Amy.”

Get ready for tons of reviews, a couple of interviews, and some talk about some of the recent adaptations I’ve watched! (On that note: I hope you’re all watching “Sharp Objects” on HBO. It’s seriously one of the better adaptations I’ve ever seen!)

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