I love all of Emily Giffin’s books, and this is definitely one of her best.

This book dives deep into tough subjects like privilege, consent, marriage, love and parenthood. Told in alternating perspectives between Nina, a mother who has begun to question every aspect of her life, and Tom, who is just trying to do right by his daughter.

When Nina Browning’s son Finch, is involved in a scandal involving a Latina scholarship student attending his elite private school, she has to reconcile her biological instinct to protect her son with her desire to also protect his victim.

Nina’s Husband, Kirk, an incredibly wealthy businessman thinks the solution is to throw money at the problem. Taken aback by his cavalier attitude toward what their son had done, she begins questioning her entire marriage and she begins to ask herself if she ever really knew the man she married.

Emily tells a gripping story that keeps you invested in these incredibly relatable characters. In the current climate, consent is still such a hot button issue, and the fact that Giffin has both a daughter and twin sons, gives her the unique ability to tell this story from both sides.

Emily Giffin is a BRILLIANT writer, and she never disappoints!

Get your hands on this book, you will thank me later!

Happy reading!