I’ve learned through the years as a Jodi Picoult fan that she can write about anything. However, when I saw the storyline of this book I thought to myself, “Well, how is she going to pull this off?”

Picoult, a white woman, tackles the issues of racism and being judged by the color of your skin so well, as though she’s lived it.

Ruth Jefferson is an African American veteran labor and delivery nurse. On a routine shift, she encounters a couple who are staunch white supremacists, and she is given strict instructions not to touch their newborn baby boy. When the baby suffers a medical emergency, Ruth is the only one around at the time and is left with the impossible choice to either help the baby or follow orders.

Ruth chooses to try and save the boy’s life, but is too late. Devastated that despite her best efforts she was unable to save the baby, things are made ever worse when she is accused of intentionally harming the baby and causing his death.

What ensues is a frank and honest view of the intense lingering racism that exists in today’s society.

Picoult crafts a heart wrenching tale of love, forgiveness, hate, ignorance, racial tension and finding redemption.

Small Great Things is a beautifully written story about the things that make us more alike than different, and how hard it is to stay strong in the face of diversity. It’s an incredible book that has some seriously crazy twists and turns.

Picoult has again proved herself a master storyteller that writes fully formed characters that help us see this story from every angle. This book should be spoken about in the same breath as Harper Lee’s “To Kill A Mockingbird.”

I hope you all read this book and it leaves an impact on you just as it did me!

Happy Reading!

Erin Toland