My blog’s main purpose is to connect readers to new and exciting books by posting reviews of books I’ve read, news about upcoming books, and interviews with authors. I’ll also from time to time include blogs about music, and reviews of book to screen adaptations. I began my love affair with books when I first picked up Maurice Sendak’s “Little Bear.” When my mom discovered that I could read it on my own (at 5) she took me to the most magical place on earth (no, not Disney World – but close) my local bookstore. I fell completely in love. The smell of the books, the beautiful way they looked, the weight of them in my hands, and how the door to magical worlds were at my fingertips with each turn of the page. These days kids are always on social media, or playing games on their phones or tablets, and bookstores across the nation have gone out of business because people would rather read a book on an e-reader if they’re going to read a book at all. I am still that excited 5 year old girl every time I enter a bookstore, and books are just as magical to me now as they were then. I hope my blog can inspire someone to pick up a book, or encourage parents to get their kids to read. There’s a quote that says, “Books are the only thing in this world you can buy that make you richer.” I wholeheartedly agree with that sentiment and so I write this blog to connect with people who love books as much as I do. It’s all for the love of books. – Erin



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